The Emerald Gate mission is to assist with human transformation, individually and socially, solving real world problems with innovative approaches in a practical, applied fashion.

Emerald Gate aims to lead state of the art research (and commercialization, as necessary) of frontier/edge science in an integrated and relational way across consciousness, physics, and biology.  The team undertakes systematic, rigorous, and outcomes-focused fundamental and applied research, in a way that explores human consciousness as foundational and integrative to conventional materialist science.  The primary focus is on science and applications arising from the understanding of the mechanisms by which conscious human intention interacts with various forms of subtle energy and biology to promote healing and well-being in biological systems, particularly but not limited to human beings.

The initial focus within this area is on subtle energy, the invisible, self-organizing field of influence (energetic field of information) which guides the body’s system/natural systems to balance.  In various traditions it has been called elan vital, prana, qi, chi, vital force, or biofield. It is exhibited through experimental data which today is inexplicable based on the four known forces operating in the physical universe and is most frequently converted to observable via a transducer like a living system.

The purpose is to understand the mechanism of subtle energy, how to measure it, and the variety of practical applications of subtle energy.  This purpose is motivated by three fundamental goals:

(1) To rigorously advance and bridge the scientific understanding of the mainstream sciences of physics, biology and medicine with demonstrated alternative forms of healing.

(2) To apply this advancement of scientific understanding to the health and well-being of individuals

(3) To help, as a result, raise our awareness of the true basis and nature of our being within a universe that is demonstrably based on consciousness


Unique Vantage Point & Platform


Supporting frontier science and human well-being.


Launched in 2015. $200M+ nonprofit operating foundation. Self-sustaining and perpetual.


Silicon Valley iterative research and invention approach, leveraging entrepreneurs, investors, and technologists in a multidisciplinary way.


Working with existing Tier 1 universities, reputable research organizations globally.

Systemic, Rigorous, and Outcomes-focused

Fundamental and applied research at the intersection of consciousness/mind and biology/physics in a way that is foundational and integrative to conventional materialist science.


Clear oversight to avert unintended consequences.

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