Emerald Gate Theory of Change

In order to build and scale a new field of endeavor, as a priority Emerald Gate:

  • Advances institutional research
  • Sets rigorous research standards
  • Provides ecosystem level support

Future directions may include technology translation/IP licensing, commercial incubation, platform-level ecosystem support, venture capital funding, capital markets, or public relations/policy lobbying.

Challenges Within Frontier Science Research Today

There is a set of root cause systemic challenges in frontier science today, including in our area of focus:


  • Lacking
  • Dearth of credible research studies


  • Taboo subject for most academics
  • Little collaboration
  • Insufficiently multidisciplinary


  • No agenda/roadmap
  • Good science gets intermingled with religion or spirituality, which undermines its credibility


  • Few scientifically validated mechanisms for measuring health
  • Few quantitative outcomes
  • No common educational standards
  • No standard measurement devices


  • Not consensus approved, consistent, or rigorous protocols


  • Inconsistent language

What’s Missing from the Subtle Energy Research Landscape

Efficacy: Higher powered, higher quality research, more replication, and more research moving from exploratory to confirmatory required

Mechanism: Little today, more required

Measurement: Little today, more required

Practical Applications: Few applications and little validation today, more required

Our Approach

Emerald Gate has a systems change mindset approach to funding and leverages a Silicon Valley-style research and invention approach.  Though entirely independent with the benefits this brings, the team pursues its mission in partnership with existing best in class universities, non-profits, commercial entities, and research organizations on a global basis.  The collaborative and interdisciplinary teams of researchers, technologists, scientists, and investors bring an entrepreneurial mindset to frontier science.

Our initial approach is typically with pilot projects having a detailed design upfront prior to building and scaling, with the objective where merited of moving beyond the theoretical to the applied with practical applications.  Research and project funding is milestone-gated, scaled with concurrent hypothesis validation and risk reduction.

The methodology  involves iterative testing for validation and systematic risk elimination with a premium on speed of learning and pattern recognition/synthesis.

Data collected is in search of hard endpoints for clear calibration of outcomes, with a focus on outliers to learn from.  The objective is to seek to understand the broader system, the system dynamic, and the key mechanisms.

Emerald Gate Research Strategy

Emerald Gate orchestrates fundamental and applied scientific research at the intersection of consciousness/mind and biology/physics in a way that is foundational and integrative to conventional materialist science.  The current agenda is a set of integrated research priorities, directed research with the objective of advancing science through the pursuit of answers to the following questions:

  • Can energy healing be validated for clinical efficacy and effectiveness, notably in an initial target focus area of pain (e.g. Does it work)?
  • What is the biological mechanism of subtle energy on the body (e.g. How does it work)?
  • How can subtle energy be measured and imaged (e.g. How can it be “seen”)?
  • What is the nature of the subtle energy informational carrier wave (e.g. How is it transmitted)?
  • How is subtle energy information stored (e.g. How can it permanently shift a state of being)?
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