Biofield Therapy in Oncology: Modulation of Tumor Biology Phase II

Biofield Therapy in Oncology: Modulation of Tumor Biology Phase II


  • As a continuation of the prior research study which confirmed biofield therapy’s antitumor and antimetastatic efficacy and mechanism in cancer invitro, the second phase is to further investigate efficacy and mechanism invivo, as well as to further investigate the nature of the biofield healing signal through blocking, distance, EEG, and quantum entanglement studies


  • Biofield therapy reduces xenograft tumorigenesis (tumor formation) and metastases (tumor spread) across a number of cancer types invivo to a greater extent than conventional treatment.  This will be detectable not only through tumor remission/reduction but also via various biological markers
  • Biofield therapy functions by modulating oncogenic pathways, their downstream targets, and the tumor microenvironment
  • Biofield therapy is mediated by electromagnetic frequencies, gauged by whether EMF shielding attenuates the biofield healing effect
  • A second biofield therapist will have similar efficacy outcomes in select invitro and invivo animal models, demonstrating a generalizable effect across biofield therapists

Projected Outcomes (In Process)

  • Invivo confirmation of previous invitro outcomes
  • Better understand time and dose dependence in the metastatic effect of biofield therapy
  • Validate the primary mechanistic pathway being influenced by the biofield therapist through the use of inhibitors and genetic knockdown targets
  • Understand whether there is EEG entanglement between biofield therapist and animal subject
  • Develop a more thorough understanding of the biofield therapy informational carrier wave/signal and confirm whether it may be a quantum entanglement phenomenon