Subtle Energy & Energy Healing Systems Mapping Project


  • In depth analysis of the latest science and practice of subtle energy and biofield energy healing
  • Systems map of all key constituents in the domain and their key challenges
  • Clear plan for integrated systems-based action across constituents in the ecosystem


  • 30 reputable biofield healers¬†interviewed
  • Several funders of research interviewed
  • Dozens of policy, education, community, practice, technology experts interviewed


  • Over 400 university researchers participating/interested in subtle energy science research globally
  • 225 research organizations worldwide
  • 125 healing organizations within the US
  • Over 250 biofield devices identified, screened, categorized¬†
  • Over 6000 catalogued research publications on the topic

Representative Ecosystem Constituents

Pathways Towards Change


  • Subtle Energy & Energy Healing Systems Mapping Report
  • Roadmap for systems-based, collaborative action through research, education, technology development, practitioner enablement
  • Global maps of researchers and healing practitioner organizations
  • Searchable database of scientific articles
  • More streamlined coordination across the ecosystem