Emerging Researcher Fellowship Program & Summer Research Conference


A multidisciplinary initiative to advance, strengthen, and scale the field of subtle energy and biofield healing research by supporting rigorous research and fostering a community of emerging and established researchers


  • Successful precedents in field-building exist in the form of the Mind-Life Institute, which helped inaugurate the mainstreaming of mindfulness through its diaspora of sponsored researchers
  • The first generation of prominent researchers in subtle energy by and large have not left apprentices to carry forward valuable know-how and learnings
  • There are an increasing number of PhDs with an interest in pursuing research and even a career in such frontier sciences, yet an insufficient support network to foster them
  • Financial sponsorship, mentorship, and a multidisciplinary community of young scholars and seasoned researchers are most urgently needed to foster the next wave of frontier science researchers


  • Mentors
  • Early Career PhDs
  • Practitioners


  • Fellowship Program supports a yearly cohort of early career investigators conducting high quality examinations of subtle energy and/or biofield science therapies and practices
  • Summer Research Conference to engage and enable emerging thought leaders that are active in these growing fields of research in new research collaborations