To replicate the finding of human extramission (biophoton emission from the eyes), to discern the mechanism and purpose behind it, and understand the nature of its cadence or “the language of the light,” and to evaluate whether its spatial and temporal activity can be considered informational or are somehow diagnostically correlated with health.


We will test the hypotheses that:

  • The human retina emits light
  • Darkness, cognition, stimulus influence the nature of light emission
  • The photon spectral structure and properties are indicative of information transfer


  • 10 participants, including a blind participant, in a highly controlled test chamber environment

Projected Outcomes (In Process)

  • Photon count will be greater when the eyes are open than when closed
  • Timing of individual photon events per unit time may have structure in temporal properties, including repeated sequences that may be correlated with other sensory stimuli
  • Photon emission may differ in dark adapted participants vs. non-adapted
  • This photon emission may point to chemical processes in the eye