Scalable Complementary & Alternative Medicine for the Healing of Cancer

Scalable Complementary &Alternative Medicine for the Healing of Cancer


  • Research replication of the beneficial effect of healing with intent without the presence of a healer, which would allow for intervention reproducibility and reduction in variability of treatment


  • Exposure to previously recorded frequencies of energy healing activity causes a therapeutic effect on the growth of multiple types of cancer tumor cells in mice


  • In invitro breast cancer model, significant tumor suppression (reduction in surface mass and tumor weight) and reduction of HCT (less anemia) in treatment animals relative to control
  • In melanoma model, no suppressive effects in treatment relative to control but for reduction in platelet count
  • Bladder cancer was discarded, as model did not take

Publication in Dose-Response Journal:

Differential In Vivo Effects on Cancer Models by Recorded Magnetic Signals Derived From a Healing Technique