Human Transformation

Emerald Gate holds the vision of a positive future in which humanity:

  • Understands the role of consciousness in the healing process
  • Translates the experiential into science
  • Increases the efficacy of addressing chronic illnesses
  • Identifies methods of early detection and treatment of disease
  • Addresses the healthcare crisis through reduced cost
  • Legitimizes frontier science
  • Ushers in a broadened scientific paradigm

Contemplating Health and Wellness More Holistically

  • Modern medicine (pharma, surgical, physical) has doubled lifespan and effectively eliminated widespread diseases
  • Yet we have lost traditional cultural wisdom about the mind and body’s ability to heal which has been used for millennia
  • We have divested responsibility for our own health and wellness to modern medicine, which is effective with acute ailments and a set of symptoms but is not so effective with chronic conditions, is costly and often does not address root causes

Traditional Medicine Paradigm

For millennia, a variety of healing modalities have been embedded in religious, spiritual, indigenous, and philosophical systems around the world.   They all postulate some form of an invisible, self-organizing field of influence (energetic field of information) which guides the body’s system/natural systems to balance.

biofield (NIH)

elan vital (France)

prana (Hindu)

mana (Hawaii)

lung (Tibetan Buddhism)

ruah (Jewish mysticism)

ki (Japan)

chi (China)

 dosha (Ayurveda)

Peer-Reviewed Research on Energy Medicine Is Being Conducted Today

Some of these studies on energy medicine indicate highly statistically significant outcomes (on illness prevention, anxiety/pain, trauma, fatigue/depression, even tumor growth), however they remain insufficient in a number of ways.  While a potential mechanism is yet unexplained within the current western scientific worldview, there are interesting hypothesized intersections with emergent areas of science like quantum biology and quantum field theory, psychoneuroimmunology, biophysics, and consciousness studies.

Three Eras of Medicine in the U.S.

Larry Dossey, MD refers to three eras of medicine in the U.S., starting with Modern Medicine, or mechanical medicine in which health and illness is entirely physical in nature and all therapies are physical like surgery or drugs.  The second era is the era of Mind-Body Medicine, whereby emotions and feelings were scientifically observed to influence the body’s functions, for example stress contributing to disease.  Today we see a resulting broader mindfulness movement.  The third era of Energy  Medicine goes further in postulating that this consciousness may not be confined to one’s individual body but rather that it may be nonlocal mind, affecting not just his or her body but the body of another person at a distance, even when that distant individual is unaware of the effort.  In Dossey’s view, the Mind-Body era illustrates the personal effects of consciousness, whereas the Energy Medicine era illustrates the transpersonal effects of the mind.  He notes that these eras are not mutually exclusive and overlap complementarily.

Current U.S. Market

  • An estimated 60,000 biofield healing practitioners in the US (not including ~100,000 spiritual healers associated with religious practice)
  • $2.3B estimated market in the US alone (vast majority, if not all, non-reimbursable by insurance today)
  • Largely unresearched and unregulated, few quality controls

Despite this Growing Market…

  • Energy Medicine largely remains taboo to spend time on as a researcher
  • There is little to no research funding by government, academia, or industry

Emerald Gate seeks to expand the opportunity for human transformation by addressing the above challenges.

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