Imaging the Biofield


To create scientifically veritable images of measurable and clinically-relevant energetic fields emanating from the human body which may evidence a new biofield-based understanding of disease, health, and wellness.


  • There are scientifically measurable energy fields emanating from the human body
  • Each person’s energy fields are unique and dynamic
  • Energy fields in and around the human body contain dynamic information related to health and wellbeing
  • Energy fields in and around the human body are affected by a person’s environment, including proximity to another person
  • Different fields emanating from a person are coordinated with each other in a way that conveys diagnostic and regulatory information
  • Biofields are correlated to key physiological measures
  • Human biofields are impacted by mental and physical stressors
  • Energy fields in and around a healee’s body change during a biofield healing
  • Reduction in quantum noise occurs locally around the body in a way that is related to health and wellness

Projected Outcomes (In Process)

  • New sensor development in the areas of random number generator (RNG) arrays to measure local entropy, ultraweak biophoton emission measurement, extremely low frequency magnetic field sensing, and long wave infrared
  • Synchronized sensor measures around the body correlated with with physiological biosignals: brainwaves (EEG), cardiac electric activity (ECG), electrodermal, and respiration
  • Baseline biofield measures, as well as variation in response to external stimulus of participants
  • Functional significance of biofield measurements relative to health and wellbeing
  • Data-driven 2D and 3D static and dynamic visualization/animation of biofields