Exceptional Healer Study


  • Exploratory pilot study to discover objective ways to measure subtle energy during healing and evaluate the mechanism of action in the human body


  • Participant pain decreases through energy healing


  • 17 energy practitioners
  • 193 subjects with carpal tunnel


  • Statistically and clinically significant decrease in pain (p<.00005)
  • Increase in self-transcendence (p<.00005)
  • HRV indication of increased parasympathetic activity
  • QNG indication of significantly increased coherence in spacetime
  • Water spectroscopy indication of increased IR absorption (p=.00016)

5 publications in Elsevier EXPLORE journal:

Energy Medicine treatments for hand and wrist pain: A pilot study

Possible negentropic effects observed during Energy Medicine sessions

Spectroscopic analysis of water treated by and in proximity to energy medicine practitioners: An exploratory study

A case study of extended human capacity perception during Energy Medicine treatments using mixed methods analysis

Effects of the local and geocosmic environment on the efficacy of Energy Medicine treatments: An exploratory study