Multiple Seer Study


This study is a follow on to the Exceptional Healer Study in which the investigators found interesting correlations in what a seer observed across all the healing sessions. In this study we wanted to determine how similar is what is observed from seer to seer of the same participant before, during, and after an energy healing, to confirm whether what seers “see,” experience, and interpret is common across multiple seers. The learnings from this project will educate the Imaging the Biofield Project mapping what is subjectively experienced by seers to what can be objectively measured in and around the body.


    Through quantification of seer, reiki master, and participant observations, we will test the hypotheses that:

  • Seers blinded to one another have statistically significantly common quantitative and qualitative observations of the same participant before, during, and after a healing
  • Seers have a statistically significantly common interpretation of what they observe
  • Experiencer’s perceptions corroborate one another in a statistically significant way (reiki master & seer, reiki master & participant, seer and participant)
  • Seers can accurately pick up the health state of a participant before healing (intuitive diagnosis)
  • Participants receive benefit from the healing sessions
  • Quantitative variables exist which can predict the level of benefit from healing sessions


  • 6 seers
  • 5 Reiki Masters
  • 40 participants with measurable physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues


  • Seers with extended perception perceive in a similar, full multisensory way (hypothesis validated by high interrater reliability scores), though they do not perceive the same things (invalidated) or share a common interpretation (invalidated)
  • Seers can accurately and consistently diagnose the health state (medical intuition) of a participant upfront (hypothesis validated with a high degree of corroboration)
  • Participants receive benefit from the reiki healing sessions (hypothesis validated by statistically significant pre-post wellness survey outcomes)
  • No screening scales or participant demographics could predict the above level of benefit from healing sessions (hypothesis not validated), which actually lends to their credibility


  • Methods and statistics for analyzing qualia (subjective felt experience) are nascent and somewhat inadequate
  • There may be an opportunity to develop a “lingua franca,” or common language across multiple seers for what they see

Pre-print publication below (currently in journal review):

Extended Perception Corroboration: A Pilot Study with Energy Healers

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